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Hello and thank you for downloading The Ultimate Free Guide to Summer Camps for Parents Living Overseas!

I know that title is a mouthful but this guide has more information than you can digest in one sitting!

This easy to use free guide gives you background information on the different types of summer camps that are offered in Japan.

I also explain the purpose of camps and offer questions and suggestions you may want to use when looking for a summer camp for your child.

You will have access to a helpful tool that will help you choose, plan and organize your child's summer learning activities! Best of all this is absolutely free!

This guidebook has over

30 pages of background information about summer camps.

Take a look at all of the chapters:

  • Uncovering the Myths about Summer Camp
  • Camp is Just a Bunch of Kids Having Fun
  • No TV? You’ve gotta’ be kidding me!
  • The Most Expensive Camps are the Best
  • My Child is Too Shy to Go to Camp
  • My Child Will Go To Camp and Only Speak Japanese
  • Will My Child Get Enough English at Grandma’s House?
  • Should I send my child to a camp in Japan or a camp overseas?
  • Types of Summer Camps Pros and Cons
  • Traditional Summer Camps
  • Residential Summer Camps
  • Day Camps
  • Weekend Camps
  • Specialty Camps
  • Family Camps
  • Camp Philosophy
  • Does My Camp Director Get It?
  • Summer Curriculum
  • Camper to Counselor Ratio
  • Rules and Discipline
  • Special Needs
  • Bed Wetting
  • Homesickness
  • Making Your Decision
  • About the Author
  • Stay Connected Online
  • References and Resources
  • Bonuses:
  • Free Camp Checklist
  • List of Camps in Japan by Region
In addition to the Ultimate Free Guide to Summer Camps, you also will receive On the Go Games:

A list of over 30 games for parents on the move!

The games are all language based and offer helpful tips on how to create "bilingual

moments" in a short period of time. Just a few of the types of games:
  • How to Use Free English Maps While on the Train
  • How to Make Use of Your Envirionment
  • What To Do While Waiting for the Doctor
All you have to do is add your name and email address and

you can download your free guide and gain access to On the Go Games!

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Download Your Free Ultimate Guide
Download Your Free Ultimate Guide

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